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  • mst46

    mst46 - 2008-03-25

    I tested out coverJuke yesterday and it is a great piece of software.

    It works absolutely flawless on my Desktop, but I found some strange
    behavier on my notebook conncted to the stereo that I use as my music pc.

    Whenever I play music from coverjuke (internal as well as from WinAmp) I
    see the system cpu jump to 100% which then turns on the fan ( what I
    normally try to avoid). Whenever I now minimize coverJuke to the system
    tray the cpu goes back to normal (even when continueing to play music).
    As soon as I maximize it again the notebook's cpu jumps back to 100%.

    I could not reproduce this behavier with my desktop and also not with
    another notebook which leads me to think this might be somewhat hw specific.

    My notebook is a Amilo Pro 2020 with a Intel pentium 725 Processor and
    1.6 GHz (2MB second cache). it has 512 MB ram and a 15'' TFT XGA (1024x768)
    display driven by a Intel 855GM chipset.

    Any chance for some help on this ?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Mikael LE BERRE

      Mikael LE BERRE - 2008-03-26

      Hey mst46,

      When you minimize coverJuke, the program stop OPENGL, but when you see the window the program refresh screen.
      You can see de refresh rate by use the key "²" on your keyboard.
      Sorry, but I think I can't debug your problem... but I will try!


    • mst46

      mst46 - 2008-09-27

      Well thanks a lot Mikael, since 1.30 the mentioned behavier did
      vanish. I already realised at the time when 1.30 came out but couldn't
      find my passwd for sourceforge - sorry for being sooo late ;-).



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