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Mav Erick
  • Mav Erick

    Mav Erick - 2008-04-16

    First of all sorry for my bad english...

    This idea is for people who already have a complex media library, some times we have our library already organized with itunes or any other app... If you r using itunes to get the artwork youll notice that it will be a real hard work to export it, so here is a little javascript application. Just copy this text on a notepad and save it as " export.js " and run it... this will open your itunes and will export all the artwork to the album folder in a few seconds or minutes.

    var artwork;
    var artworks;
    var extensions;
    var file;
    var format;
    var location;
    var name;
    var t;
    var trackcount;
    var track;
    var tracks;

    name = 'COVER';

    extensions = new Array(4);
    extensions[1] = 'jpg';
    extensions[2] = 'bmp';
    extensions[3] = 'png';

    tracks = WScript.CreateObject("iTunes.Application").LibraryPlaylist.Tracks;
    trackcount = tracks.count;
    for (t = 1;t <= trackcount; t++) {
    try {
    track = tracks.item(t);
    if (track.Kind == 1) {
    artworks = track.Artwork;
    if (artworks.count > 0) {
    artwork = artworks.item(1);
    format = artwork.Format;
    if (format != 0) {
    location = track.location;
    file = location.substring(0, location.lastIndexOf('\\') + 1) + name + '.' + extensions[format];
    catch (exception) {
    WScript.echo("Problem with " + track.Name);

    **Please rename COVER to Folder so coverJuke can detect the artwork file as Folder.jpg (some artwork is exported as bmp or png so please rename these to .jpg if not coverjuke wont read those files.

    Another ideas for this great app is for you to make them work Mikaël...

    1.- Maybe you can add this javascript code to you app so you can give the ability to collect artwork to all the users.

    2.- CoverJuke only reads Folder.jpg it will be a good addition that it reads .bmp and .png if available in the album´s folder

    3.- Play the entire album until double click is detected insted of single click

    4.- On right click, flip artwork and show songs list for that album to give the ability of playing a single song instead of entire album (this is useful when using an external player)

    5.- Fix subcategories "bug" coverjuke can only display artwork for albums that have two levels, it cant show artwork for albums placed in a third subcategory for example:

    ...disc 1
    ...disc 2
    CoverJuke doesnt displays artwork for disc 1 and disc 2

    6.- I believe that you will win thousands of users if you create an application with this modifications that can be used inside winamp instead of using int as an external app.

    Please let me know your opinion,

    Thanks for the great work,
    Juan Ugarte

    • Mikael LE BERRE

      Mikael LE BERRE - 2008-04-21

      Hy Juan Ugarte,

      First of all (the same thing like you) sorry for my bad english!

      I notice your remarks.
      For the flip artwork, I work on but I have a problem to get mouse position in 3D for click on a specific album or song!!!

      For your script it's very interresting, but I can't test it.
      If you want, you can join the project to integrate this point in source-code!

      Thank's a lot,


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