Fantastic Work On 1.55

  • heinz harald franzen

    Hello, i sign up today to say thanks to all the people that are involved in the develop for this great player, neverever have more fun to listen to my music, you have done a very very gooood job! :)

    I found some bugs in 1.55 in the tracklist, when the album have more than 15 tracks, the last song was not displayed, when the albumfoldername is to long, it's stand over the window and some long tracks are cut off, also in the id3tag field, i made a screenshot:

    Hopefully suggested you to using id3tag 2.3 in a bigger popup window and a time display for actual playing song like "1:37/5:04" and a infoscreen like how many albums and tracks are loaded. That would be great! :)

    ...and thanks, thanks, thanks again, coverjuke is the best!

    Greets thax

    • Mikael LE BERRE

      Mikael LE BERRE - 2009-04-19

      Hi thax2k9,

      Thank's you for your congratulation. :-)

      For Length of Title I know this bug of bad loading ID3TAG, I will try to resolve this point in the next version.

      For the rest, I note it in my TODO list!!



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