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Working great in Vista64

  • Matt McMahon

    Matt McMahon - 2009-03-22

    Fantastic program!  Well done.  It installed easily on my Vista 64 machine.  My folder structure is:

    e:\Music\Rock\Artist - Album\song01.mp3
    e:\Music\Jazz\Artist - Album\song01.mp3
    e:\Music\Country\Artist - Album\song01.mp3

    Each folder contains a folder.jpg file for the cover art.  All I had to do was to edit the .ini file to list my folders and this thing worked perfectly right off the bat.  I have 1,100+ albums in Rock, 900+ in jazz and the thing is fast.  Of course, I'm on a Q9550+4GB RAM, so that doesn't hurt.  The best thing I can say about the program is what my son said after he played with it a bit: "Wow, I wish my iPod did all this!"

    A few minor bugs:
    1) in the config dialog box, the + doesn't work for me.  the - does.  So, I can remove the default music locations, but I have to edit the .ini to add folders.  Doesn't bother me, I prefer notepad to guis anyhow (really, prefer vi ;-)
    2) If I am in Rock and queue up a song (in jukebox mode), then move to Jazz, the "now playing" icon gets fsck'd up.  It reads the title from the current genre, but doesn't show a folder icon.  To fix this, you'd probably want to cache the album title & icon when songs are added to the playlist
    3) I have one album (so far) that won't advance.  That is, when the song is done, it doesn't move to the next song.  Not sure what's with that.  I can manually advance from one song to the next.  It *is* a VBRI (not VBR) - I know this is a bit unusual.  I'm assuming a player problem.  Again, no biggie, I can re-encode it.

    Some suggestions:
    1) Keep it simple don't go adding a bunch of funky features.
    2) That said ;-)  In the playlist, it would be nice to be able to move a song(s) up or down.  I see you can remove a song w/ the delete key.  Icons would fit nicely at the top, to the right of the album cover.  Select a song, click + or - to move it up/down.  Maybe allow ctrl / shift to select multiple songs.  Not a high priority issue.

    • Mikael LE BERRE

      Mikael LE BERRE - 2009-03-23

      First of all, Thank you for your message.

      I add all yours remarks in my TODO list for a future version of coverJuke.

      Good use,


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