Jens Wolf - 2009-06-13

Hi mikael

version 1.56 is like always a great work!

but I've some points!

- by reading the ID Tags of the mp3's there it always says "phony" at the genre of the music and it doesn't matter which method I choose, FMOD or Internal.

- please can you make all windows small again, when I look at a tracklist of a album an I want to see a picture bigger then you can make that it will open a window where you can see it bigger by clicking on it!
but at the moment the windows cover the whole screen!!


- can you please create a help key for that wondow

- and maybe you can add a point in the config to hide the application frame!
so that we can create a small window on screen which is not moveable!

- and I want to send you a correct translated german language pack ok?

many thx demmy