#43 Unknown rectangle encoding, mac to linux


I'm trying to use COVNC 2.0b2 on older iMac G3, running 10.2
Panther, to connect to a RedHat Linux box.

I have used Windows VNC client to connect to this machine, at my
office. Both the server and my PC client at at my office on a LAN.
Server is running RedHat Enterprise Linux...I'll find the exact
version of that and vncserver and enter it as a comment.

The problem is when I try to connect from my Mac at home, over
56k dialup. COVNC connects, and I see the screen. But as soon as
I start to type, I get
Connection Terminated
Unknown rectangle encoding 2097168 -> exiting

The exact number varies.

I'll get more info, and add to TR.


  • Bob McCormick

    Bob McCormick - 2004-11-05

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    VNC server on Linux machine is
    Xvnc version 4.0b4 - built Sep 5 2003 13:04:00
    Underlying X server relase 40300000, The XFree86 Project Inc.

    Linux OS from "uname" is
    Linux 2.4.21-15.EL #1 Thur Apr 22 00:27:41 EDT 2004 i686
    i386 GNU/Linux

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Ultr@VNC Win32 Server v1.0.0 RC19.1
    Chicken of the VNC 2.0b2
    Chicken of the VNC 1.3.6
    I encounted "Unknown rectangle encoding" too.

  • tlmurray

    tlmurray - 2005-03-03

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    I just posted a note about this, but it's regarding Win2K. I used Chicken
    okey with RealVNC, but today I tried UltraVNC and got the rectangle error.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I am seeing the same thing when using vnc viewer on my power book G4
    running OSX 10.3.9 connecting to a Thinkpad T42 running Redhat linux
    2.4.211-15.02. I am connecting through a LAN to a cable router using VPN
    (just to make things more complicated). The connection does not seem to
    be an issue I can telnet to the T42 just fine.

    I am using Chicken of the VNC 2.0b2 on the G4.

  • Jason Harris

    Jason Harris - 2005-08-23

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    Resolved for Chicken 2.0b3.

  • Jason Harris

    Jason Harris - 2005-08-23
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Buzunis

    Buzunis - 2005-09-19

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    I had this problem with 2.0b2.

    I tried 2.0b3 and it seems a bit worse.

    With 2.0b2, I was able to connect to the XP machine running VNC,
    the error only came up when trying to enter text into an application
    window location for password. With 2.0b3, the error comes up
    when connecting to the machine. I don't get a chance to even log
    into the machine.

    Another XP machine can VNC to XP machine in question over the
    same link.

    Windows Box = Compaq EVO 1.7GHz
    Mac Box = iMac 800MHz
    Connection = 10BaseT


  • Bob McCormick

    Bob McCormick - 2005-09-19

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    upgragde to recent version of COVNC is much better!

  • Buzunis

    Buzunis - 2005-09-27

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    Isn't version 2.0b3 the most recent?

  • Bob McCormick

    Bob McCormick - 2005-09-27

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    I don't remember which version I installed. I got a notice of
    an upgrade, installed it, and it worked. It is on my home
    system, and I'm at work, so I don't have access to the exact


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