#139 can't connect to other mac


I successfully connected my laptop to my desktop, after reading some of the other questions posted. However, after reading the help file that comes with chicken, I can't seem to connect to my brother's mac over the internet.

I don't know which IP address to use. The one diplayed when you go to whatsmyipaddress.com, the one diplayed in the sharing controll panel after you choose "apple Remote Desktop" (which seems to be the same on every machine) or the one on the router that my brother hooks up through? If it is that one, what is the easiest way to find that out? Also, do you need to combine a router ip with the machine ip or once you connect to the router it automatically connects to the machine hooked up to it?

I a graphic artist and would love to use this with some of my mac clients, but I am not an IT guy although I can figure most things out in time. If anyone can describe to me the simplest way to connect to another mac over the net I would be forever in your debt.

Thanks, much,


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