[cotvnc-devel] Listening mode in cotvnc Hiho - I just finished adding reverse-connection mode to OSXvnc server. It is tested and works fine with the reanvnc listening mode client on Windows. I've submitted the code the OSXvnc folks for inclusion in the next release. I grabbed the source code to cotvnc, had a look around, and see how to add listening mode to it. I'd add a window like the connections window that managed the settings for a single listening session. A new class, RFBListeningManager (a clone of parts of RFBConnectionManager and parts of ServerDataViewController) will manage a new nib (a clone of ServerDisplay). When listening, this manager will open the listening socket and accept connections. When a connection comes in, it will create a new instance of ServerFromConnection (implements IServerData), and calls into RFBConnectionManager to connect, which in turn creates a RFBConnection for it. These later two calls will be new methods that take an existing conne cted socket. The rest of the VNC protocol should then just work (the protocol doesn't change at all for reverse connections.) Some changes will have to be made to existing classes to handle clean up (since the ServerFromConnection object needs to be destroyed, and no offer to reconnect on error can be made, etc...) If this feature isn't already a work-in-progress, I'll go ahead and add it and send you the diffs. On the other hand, if you are in the middle of it, or have a different idea of how it should be done, let me know... - Mark Mark Lentczner http://www.ozonehouse.com/mark/ markl@glyphic.com

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