#70 Full screen with multiple screens


When entering full screen mode with CotVNC, other screen(s) not
showing the VNC session are blacked out. If possible it'd be great to
leave the other screen(s) intact showing OSX with only the screen
showing CotVNC changing.


  • Mark Barton

    Mark Barton - 2005-11-09

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    In case it helps in reproducing the problem, I should note that I don't see
    the problem quite so generally as the above author's description. On my
    system (PowerBook G4, 20" Cinema Display), if the CotVNC window is on
    the menubar screen (whether set as internal or external) and I go to full
    screen, the non-menubar screen is active, but if I have the window on the
    non-menubar screen, the menubar screen goes black.

  • Srini Turaga

    Srini Turaga - 2006-03-26

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    This appears to be a bug.
    Some's appeared to have figured out how to fix this. I tried
    it but don't know enough to build properly...


  • Jason Harris

    Jason Harris - 2006-03-27

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    That blog link looks like a solid fix (I haven't yet tried it). The big issue with
    full-screen is that when you go full-screen with chicken, keyboard commands
    like cmd-tab get sent to the server instead of to the local machine. This is very
    valuable behavior that I don't want to lose.

    So, assuming that this still works with the fix, we'll implement it.


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