#69 osx2vnc/Synergy-like KM-only VNC Functionality


KM-only VNC Functionality

This feature would allow a user to use their primary KM
(Keyboard and Mouse) on other computers running VNC
Server that have displays visible from the location of
the computer running Chicken of the VNC, without the
need to transfer screen captures or even open a window.

The osx2x project provided this functionality through
VNC, but requires installation of X11 libraries, is not
stable under OS X 10.4, and has not been updated for
nearly 2 years. The Synergy project
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/synergy2/ - recently
featured on Engadget.com) also provides this
functionality, but uses a custom networking scheme that
requires another program to be run on each computer
(Synergy defines the computer with KM connected as the
server, so each other computer must run client
software). The more stable VNC protocol could
obviously handle this functionality and would allow one
VNC server program to be used for dual purposes
(depending on the current physical setup of the
computers involved).

As with osx2x and Synergy, Chicken of the VNC could
allow the user to specify which VNC server is located
off each edge of the screen. Moving the mouse off that
edge of the screen would allow the user to map their
local KM inputs to the remote computer (including
transfer of the clipboard, etc, identical to the full
VNC client - except for the window). The client should
also define where the screen edges of the server are
connected (either to another server or back to the
client). Synergy also allows the user to set delays at
the screen edge, or require a double-tap, to prevent
accidentally moving between computers -- which would be
wise interface details to include.

Currently, I use VNC when I wish to control remote
computers, but simply moving the mouse over to a nearby
computer (such as my Windows PC laptop when it is on my
desk next to my iMac) is faster, easier, and more
convenient than opening a full VNC client or
repositioning my chair to reach the other computer.
This is especially useful when I need to copy and paste
a bit of text (such as a URL) between computers.


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