DA3411 - 2008-05-24

Hello All,

I stumbled upon this Software and I am wonderning if it will work for what I would like to do.

I am on my Mac OSX 10.4 here in New York.....  I would like to be able to get on my Father's computer, a Mac OSX 10.5 down in Florida.

He is a bit older, so my thinking was to be able to get on and set some things up for him.

I am a Graphic Designer and a Mac User, but my knowledge of protocals and ports, etc. is not all that great if existant at all!

Can someone tell me if this CotVNC can help me do this?  And perhaps some easy to understand instructions, if indeed it is.

If it is not the best App for doing this, perhaps someone can recommend one?

Greatly Appreciated!