VNC connects time out

  • jo

    jo - 2004-04-19

    I have just installed chicken and it is always timing out. I am on a dialup and running Panther to a remote computer on dsl running panther.
    Any ideas?

    • jo

      jo - 2004-04-23

      I don't know or understand why "chicken" doesn't work for me. I am on OS10.3. and the remote machine is using OSXvnc and is running OS10.3.3. Both machines are using DSL.
      I just keep on timing out.

      Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


      • Jason Harris

        Jason Harris - 2004-04-30

        Make sure that you can ping the server machine.  It sounds like you've got a firewall in between you and the server.

    • Morticia

      Morticia - 2005-06-04

      I guess I'm the server machine since I'm the one running Chicken 2.0.2.  I don't know anything about double clicking on my mac i book. also when I start my machine it starts through Mac OSX 10.28, it the opens OS9 and everthing disappears. then my desktop shows up and I open IE 5.2 and go from there. Is there instruction manual on this program "Chick", because I know nothing was said about double clicking on OSX 10.28. I didn't know you had to install chicken on their computer.  All my computer says is couldn't connect, timed out.  I just wish some one would go over the installation with me step by step.  ((((JASON)))....

      Bright Paths,


      • Jason Harris

        Jason Harris - 2005-06-04

        Morticia, I'm pretty confused by your post.  Chicken of the VNC is a VNC _client_ for Mac OS X.  Chicken does not work with Mac OS 9. 

        You use Chicken to connect to a VNC _server_ that can be running on any operating system.  I'm not sure what you're referring to when you mention double-clicking. 

        Here are the nuts-and-bolts instructions for connecting. 
        - Verify that the machine you wish to control is running a VNC server. 

        - Determine that machine's hostname (like OR IP address (four numbers separated by periods).  You can find this information by asking whoever maintains the server machine. 

        - You must be able to communicate with the server machine in order for Chicken to work.  This means that if the server machine is on a remote network and is behind a router, you probably cannot communicate with it.  If it is firewalled, you must open port 5900 on the firewall.

        - Determine the server machine's VNC display number (usually zero) and password (set by the server machine's administrator).

        - Enter this information into Chicken of the VNC. 

        The most common reason for a connection to time out is that the server machine is unreachable - you cannot communicate with it.  Resolving this is something you'd need to discuss with whoever maintains the server machine, or with your ISP. 

        • Morticia

          Morticia - 2005-06-04

          the only time OS9 appears is when I try to open something that requires a OS9 program. After I'm done it automatically goes back to Mac OSX.  Iread somethng here that said something about double clickng on the Chicken program, fast click vs slow click, it made a difference they said.
          I don't know if they are running a VNC server, they are in Tennessee.  They are on wich goes directly to Yahoo, I think Yahoo bought out Prodigy, they have accellerated dial-up through Yahoo, but their e-mail address is at Prodigy.  When you send a message to them it doesn't go to prodigy, it goes straight to Yahoo. What is a VNC server?  They have a PC that runs Windows XP. They take the machine to a business if theres any problems to maintain.  Aren't I the server machine, I'm trying to moniter them.  They are not running on a Remote network, I don't think, what is a remote net work and router. I thought I was the server machine and I put my information in the login window. They don't have an administrator.  I tried to discuss this whith my ISP when I thought a was the server machine, lol.  What would I put in the host area Prodigy which is his in his e-mail address, but goes straight to Yahoo. I have an sbc address which also goes straight to Yahoo.  I guess I'll talk to my ISP provider. 

          I know their IP address through e-mails form them.  I thought I could remotely monitor them from my mac with this program, I didn't know they had to have a VNC server.  Instructions didn't come with this program, and I'm not real computer literate.

          When I get off this chemo, I plan on taking some cources though.  Thanks for any input. I don't even know what Value means when a program asks for it, or Zone.  I guess I should get a Computer Dictionary?

          Sincerely Appreciate,


          P.S. If you have anymore input, go ahead and post it , or e-mail me.

          Thanks again


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