Right Click

  • Peter Royal

    Peter Royal - 2003-08-01

    How does one emulate a right mouse button click on target machines? Control-click doesn't seem to do it.

    • Jason Harris

      Jason Harris - 2003-08-06

      Check out the section of the Chicken of the VNC help file (which is titled "About Chicken of the VNC") called "Mouse Button Emulation".

      For the lazy, here it is:

      "If you are one of those cursed with a single button mouse, you can emulate the right button by quickly tapping the <Shift> key.  The mouse pointer will change to indicate that clicks will act like the third (right) mouse button.  Likewise, you can emulate the middle button by quickly tapping the <Control> key.  To cancel emulation, tap the key a second time.

      If you are lucky enough to have a two or three button mouse, you don't need to worry about emulation as Chicken of the VNC supports up to three mouse buttons, as well as scroll-wheels on compatible servers."

    • Matt Dittrich

      Matt Dittrich - 2003-12-11

      Would it be possible in a future release to make Chicken work more like Apple's X11 in this regard?  i.e., Ctrl-click = right button; Opt-click = middle button.  And I'm sure some folks would like to be able to choose (via preferences) their own modifier keys....

    • Z.C.Biggs

      Z.C.Biggs - 2004-01-06

      One button mice....  (shudder)

    • Wolfkin

      Wolfkin - 2005-03-21

      thanks for the assistance in the matter. I tried to glean the knowledge from the preferences but it wasn't clear. Nothing wrong with one button mice people. it's perfectly natural. Besides a laptop like my iBook is technically a one button mouse and we can't always be taking out our pocket USB mice all the time. Sometimes it's just easier to go to.


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