Mac stops responding after switching users

  • Robert Engström

    I have noticed a problem when I use COTVNC and login to my remote computer and then switch users on the remote computer through VNC. COTVNC disconnects and I have to login again to the remote Mac. Up to that point everything works as it should. The problems happens when I try to switch users again. The remote computer gets stuck on a blue screen and it won't respond to any keypresses. The computer still responds to pings but ssh doesn't work and neither does VNC. Is there something wrong with Apples Remote Desktop VNC server or is it something COTVNC trigger?

    I am runnung MacOS X 10.4.6 on both computers.


    • cfr

      cfr - 2006-06-01

      I'm experiencing the same problem, though I had wondered if it was just an *extremely* slow connexion. However, reducing the colors to 256 doesn't help at all, so I think it is the same issue. I can get beyond the blue screen to the desktop, but after that, nothing. Even closing the connection and opening a new one doesn't help.

      I'm not sure how to re-login to the remote Mac. If this is a possible work-around, is there any information on it anywhere? I've literally just started using VNC, so please excuse the probably dumb question.

    • Robert Engström

      The problem I am seeing that after I have swichted the users with COTVNC and then try to switch users normally the computer never shows the desktop. It just hangs on the blue screen.



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