riftweaver - 2006-02-21


When using cotvnc, key combinations involving backspace (I believe this is Delete on my powerbook) do not seem to work. For example, Cmd+Shift+Del should empty the trash in Finder, and Option+Del should perform a forced delete in iTunes.

In contrast, Cmd+Del to delete an object in the finder, does work.

I am using OSXvnc on Tiger, and I suppose it could be the problem. However, I have connected in the past with RealVNC from a windows machine, and these key commands did work from there.

Interestingly, I just tested with a RealVNC client to ensure I was describing the problem accurately, and I am experiencing the faulty behavior above. I know this was not the case in the past. Over the weekend I upgraded both cotvnc and OSXvnc on my macs.

Should these key commands work? Are there any client settings I can adjust? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

On a related note, when I run a Terminal in cotvnc, Control key combinations do not work either. These work from RealVNC client. Is this a known or correctable issue? It's very frustrating to only edit in Terminal using arrow keys. :)

Thanks for any help.