OS X 10.4 Full Screen Mode Problems

  • urilabob

    urilabob - 2005-09-04

    Hi folks; I have a problem with full screen mode (can't get it to work) - windowed mode works just fine.
    Server: Relatively recent Samsung PC, running Fedora core 4, and standard included vncserver

    Client: 1.33GHz G4 powerbook running OS X 10.4 and COTVNC 2.0b3, encoding Tight as first preference, (zrle next, I don't know how to check what is actually being used), 256 colours (I'm aiming to optimise for speed), CopyRect enabled.

    Problem: VNC client works fine in windowed mode, but dies miserably when I go to full screen mode

    Symptom: The served screen is displayed fine, but the mouse and keyboard freeze (ie I can't type into the screen, and the mouse doesn't work). Keyboard settings are defaults (I don't think I've ever changed them, but just in case, I have hit "reset defaults" for full-screen mode).

    Does anyone have any suggestions - it must be something I'm doing wrong, I guess, as I can't find any reports of anything similar for recent versions of cotvnc

       Thanks for any help you can give

    • urilabob

      urilabob - 2005-09-04

      Hmmmm, it seems the problem has been fixed by a server reboot. I've no idea why. If you know any way to remove this thread, please let me know


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