I don't (always) see the remote cursor!

  • Bark of Delight

    Bark of Delight - 2005-09-11

    Hello fellow chickens.

    I love this program. Fantastic. I'm using it to log into work, a linux machine w/ X-windows, from my Mac at home, and it works like a dream.

    I also can use it Mac-to-Mac within my home, and it works great _except_ for one snag: The remote cursor does not display. I see the little dot which is my cursor, but not the arrow or whatever on the remote side trailing behind.

    I'm using Apple's built-in server (Remote Desktop, allowing vnc access). Both machines are pretty new, running OS 10.4.2.

    Thanks for any leads!


    • Michael Erb

      Michael Erb - 2005-10-24

      I can barely see the tiny dot of a "cursor" either. Any way to make it larger or substitute a more suitable arrow?


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