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Rapid double-click on OS X vs. OS 9 window

Ward Clark
  • Ward Clark

    Ward Clark - 2005-04-20

    I have two COTV windows open, one viewing my iBook (OS X) and another viewing a PM 8600 (OS 9).

    When I do my normal rapid double-click on the OS X window, it behaves like a single-click.  If I slow down my clicking just a tad (click-a-click instead of click-click), the double-click is recognized in the OS X window.

    My normal rapid double-click works fine in the OS 9 window.

    COTV's double-click behavior in OS X windows tempts me to use VNCviewer instead because the latter has no problem with rapid double-click in an OS X window.  But COTV wins on features (server list, all keyboard shortcuts going to the shared window).

    Do others see this double-click behavior?

    Is there some configuration of COTV or OSXvnc that will recognize my automatic double-click?

    -- Ward

    Configuration: COTS 2.0b2 & VNCViewer 1.5 on OS X 10.3, OSXvnc 1.5 on OS X 10.3.8, OS9vnc 3.5.0 on OS 9.1

    • Jason Harris

      Jason Harris - 2005-04-20

      This is a bug in Chicken.  It drives me insane, too, so it will be fixed fairly quickly, I assume (since I'll be the one fixing it). 

      Track this at Bug #1186947.


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