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Bion Pohl
  • Bion Pohl

    Bion Pohl - 2007-06-10

    KROW is of course "work" backwards, and that is what I'm seeing.  When I click the middle button a contextual menu open or whatever, and the right button does whatever the middle is supposed to do.  It means it is usable, but not comfortable, especially since Emacs under X11 used all three buttons and I'm use to the arrangement.

    For the record, I'm connecting from my Mac Pro with a Mighty Mouse to control a PowerBook G4.  I've seen the backwardness in X11, Firefox, Eudora, and the Finder.

    Playing with the Connection Profiles/Emulation doesn't help because it affects the keys on the client to send the event to the server.

    Is there something I can do, or do I have to fix the bug in the source code?


    • Eric Christopherson

      What VNC server are you using? I know that "swap middle/right button" is an option in Vine Server (OSXVNC), and I think it might also be a server option in others (for some reason).


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