How To Mac-to-Mac Connection ?

  • herman

    herman - 2007-02-21

    I've used this successfully with my mac as the viewer, and someone else's pc as the server. It all made sense somehow on the setup with the IP address, the password, etc.

    Now, I'm planning on trying it with someone else who also has a mac. This time, I'm planning on switching it around and having him look in on my desktop while both of us are using Chicken of the VNC, only I can't figure out the settings as simple as I imagine it should be.

    I'm behind a router, but figured out my IP address in order to give it to my friend, but as far as the password, I'm not sure exactly which that would be. Would it be the password issued by my ISP to connect online, or would it be the admin password to the router... ?

    I've only used Chicken of the VNC to "view" another person's computer, and don't know how to properly set it up for someone else to view my computer. Somehow, the settings only make sense for inputting when I want to view.

    Can someone shed any light on this... ?


    • Big

      Big - 2007-05-06

      I connected a mac to mac. I am within a home network with a central router (all wireless). Password successfully used is the admin password.

      Haven't tried mac to mac outside my network. If the external mac were directly connected to the internet, the IP address is clear, but if it is also locally networked wirelessly, what would the IP syntax be? A combination of the external address and the 192.X.X.X address?


      • Ward Clark

        Ward Clark - 2007-05-07

        When a VNC Server (e.g., Vine Server) is on a LAN, a distant VNC Viewer (e.g., CotVNC) connects to the router's IP, and the router forwards requests to the "hidden" Mac.

        The technique for configuring router port forwarding is router-specific.  I've found the instructions at <> to be very helpful.

        Lighthouse (codelaide software) offers much simpler configuration for $12.99.  Use the free trial to see if your router is compatible.  <>


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