Keyboard layout and right-click under OS X

  • cstromme

    cstromme - 2006-11-13

    I have 4 Mac's here at my house, all intel Macs and all with english OS X and norwegian keyboard layout. I use my Mac Mini as a fileserver, and I login to it remotely with VNC and Chicken of VNC daily, but for some reason there's a couple of things that won't work.

    * Right-click doesn't work from any of my mice, I have to ctrl+leftclick to get right-click.
    * Several signs like æ, ø, å, / etc are all in the wrong place or not there at all, like if I'm using another keyboard layout (US English?). Even when I copy and paste from the machine I'm on I don't get the signs right.

    Is there any way to fix these two things?

    • Ward Clark

      Ward Clark - 2006-11-13

      Regarding right-click:

      What kind of mouse are you using?  If it's a 3rd-party mouse, what software controls the mouse?

      I'm surprised the Control key works for you.  Some (many?) of us lost the Control key with OS9 and OSX windows with a recent beta release.

      What version of Chicken of the VNC are you using?

    • cstromme

      cstromme - 2006-11-14

      The iMac is the only one where it's an issue, as the two MacBooks only have left-click (ctrl for right-click of course). I have the Logitech MX1000 mouse on the iMac, but no special software is installed. Weirdly enough it seems like the right-click button now acts as the third mouse button when using VNC, and it fires up Expose. On the Mini I have the Mighty Mouse.

      Any clues on the keyboard layout stuff though? Because that's pretty much the worst of the two problems.

      • Dave Llopis

        Dave Llopis - 2006-12-11

        I'm been having the same problem: right-click and ctrl-click both bring up exposé.
        I can't find a way to right click, and there are some things you can't do any other way!
        Any ideas?

        I'm on a macBook talking to a Mac Mini, both running OS X 10.4.8.
        I'm running CoVNC v. 2.0b4.


    • cstromme

      cstromme - 2006-11-14

      Oh, I'm using 2.0b4

    • baptiste cecconi

      I also have big troubles with keyboard layout.
      The only fix I actually found is to open the "keyboard viewer" on the remote system and key the text with the mouse... which is not the best way to do things.

      I have a french keyboard layout, but the layout used by cotvnc is not a regular QWERTY one.

      I would say that this keyboard layout is at the moment the main issue regarding this software.

    • gdcondor

      gdcondor - 2007-01-29

      I'm french and have the same problem as Baptiste
      I managed to get the azerty layout using the americain layout on the remote macosX (my client is under Linux) but i just have the letters, all the rest is broken (i don't have point, comas, slashes etc) so it's quite unusable

      Is there any solution ? i am using my Mac mini remotely as i don't have any screen and keyboard for it yet (not the place in my student room) if you have another idea maybe not with VNC

      It's definitely the main issue with this software and i don't know any other VNC server under MacOSX that works correctly

    • cstromme

      cstromme - 2007-02-26

      I find it a bit sad that we haven't gotten any reply at all from a developer. This is after all the official forum, and it's not like it's a lot of threads to go through here.

  • Jakob Persson

    Jakob Persson - 2010-04-29

    I can confirm the same issues. In my case it's not just special chars (Swedish in my case), it's the entire keyboard layout. I use an MBP with a Swedish keyboard to connect to an MB with a Swedish keyboard but somehow the keys are remapped on their way there.

    I understand that no developers have responded and I don't blame them. Support is the hardest part in open source. If anyone has any suggestion please share. I love COTVNC but this drives me nuts and limits the usefulness of an otherwise beautifully designed application.


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