"Connection Terminated: Incompatible Version"

  • flitedoc

    flitedoc - 2004-10-26

    I am trying without success to get COTVNC to connect over an office LAN between Macs runing 10.3.5. I get a "Connection Terminated: Incompatible Version" message every time. The target (server) machines have all been upgraded to ARD (Apple Remote Desktop) v2.1, which as I understand it should function well as a VNC server. I'm using COTVNC v2.0b2. ARD is turned on, and in fact, Apple Remote Desktop works perfectly over this network. The machines are all easily pinged. The message suggests that I'm actually making the connection but then there is a server problem(?) What am I doing wrong?

    (If I can get this working, I then hope to use COTVNC to connect to machines on the office network via the Internet.)


    • MacGribouille

      MacGribouille - 2004-11-24

      same problem as your.
      looking for a solution.

    • Jeffrey B. Murphy

      i am getting the same error. Any ideas?
      is this project alive?

    • mroven

      mroven - 2005-05-11

      I had the same problem.  To fix it, you need to go to System prefs on the server Mac.  In the Sharing prefs select Apple Remote Desktop.  Click "Access Privileges".  Select "VNC users may control screen with password" and enter a password.  Close System Prefs. 

      Now from the client Mac, enter the host IP, Display/Port = 0, and your password.  You should be in!


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