Mouse pointer lag

  • Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson - 2006-06-17

    Hi. New to VNC. Running CotVNC (latest) on Macos X 10.4.6, and realvnc server (latest) on Winxp sp2. Everything works beautifully, with nice fast screen refreshes etc. But the mouse pointer has me confused. There's sort of a small black "bullet hole" target, and that's augmented by a real mouse cursor. But the mouse cursor lags behind the other one, and is quite jerky. Kind of hard to get to where you want to click. Not sure if this is normal behaviour, or if there's any way to improve things. Be grateful for any tips. This doesn't happen using realvnc client on another winxp pc. Thanks!

    • Ward Clark

      Ward Clark - 2006-06-17

      The black "bullet" is the cursor on your Chicken display, and the "real" arrow cursor is the XP cursor on the server PC.

      The lag is due to delay between moving the cursor on your Mac and the response time from XP (two directions - to and from).

      My experience is tracking is quite quick on a 100 Mb LAN.  Response over the Internet (DSL on both ends) is noticeably slower.

      With some VNC servers, you'll see only the Chicken bullet cursor, i.e., no remote cursor.  In that case, my rule of thumb (especially over the Internet) is to take it slow -- everything is running in semi-slow motion.

      • Steve Dawson

        Steve Dawson - 2006-06-17

        Thanks very much for the clarification. I've since found a beta of a macos vnc client from realvnc. This has an option to only show the "local" cursor, so you don't see the strange lag. Would be nice if Chicken had the same option I guess (since Chicken has some nicer features). The Microsoft "remote desktop" app doesn't suffer the "problem" either - I suppose it could just be showing the local cursor too.


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