its too slow :-(

  • Omer Katzir

    Omer Katzir - 2006-12-23

    im using the latest cotVNC in macbook pro 17" C2D, the server is on Mac mini G4 1.42 with OSx 10.4.8 and ARD 3.1

    the cotVNC is really really slow, like 5 minuts to refresh the screen. the computers are connected to a router via Cat5e cable, but it tried to connect them directly, it was still too slow to do any work on.

    please help me :-(

    • Tom Taylor

      Tom Taylor - 2007-03-03

      I can't help you.  I am having the same problem.  One mouse click took 1min 16secs just to bring a window in front of another.  If I find an answer I will post it here.  I posted the question on the apple forums.  Good luck.

    • Keith Brown

      Keith Brown - 2007-03-26

      Same problem here, taking minutes to get the response from actions. Unfortunately, the only VNC client I've seen that runs worth a damn on OSX is the Java TightVNC client. What takes 30 seconds to do using CotVNC is near instantanious with the java client.

    • Pierrick Terrettaz

      Having the same problem when I try to connect a Linux computer from my MacBook. Personly I use tightVNC. I installed tightVNC with fink: It needs the X11 Server. The binary can be lunched from the terminal : $ vncviewer

    • James Yoneda

      James Yoneda - 2007-07-17

      I also couldn't stand the incredible delay with Chicken of the VNC.  It really can't be network latency, since I've noticed a delay on the same LAN as other machines.  It's not CPU bound, network bound, etc... it must be something within Chicken of the VNC itself.

      I had about a 10-30 second delay over the internet using COTVNC.  Just tried out Pierrick's suggestion of FINK + tightvnc, and it works wonderfully (less than .5 second delay with the same setup).  I'll just use that from now on.  I'm curious why COTVNC has such a delay problem, and I wouldn't mind if someone just put a COTVNC-type gui around the tightvnc libs.

      Thanks Pierrick for the suggestion.


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