toshit - 2005-12-06

I am using Chicken of the VNC2.0b3 on Mac mini (OS X 1.4.3) to remotely use my machine at my office, which is running "Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS release 3" (from /etc/redhat-release) on intel. My problem is when I am typing, occasionally the character starts keeping flowing, such as "AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", even after I stop typing. It looks that this most often happens when:
1. I type some character with shift key
2. Release the character key, but keep the shift key pushes
3. Then the key seems locked and the character keeps running even after I release the shift key, until I type some other character.
(I do not do 2 intentionally, but occasionally it happens due to the subtle time difference in releasing keys.)
Actually my coworker in the same company says he has the same problem. When I use RealVNCViewer from my Windows PC, this does not happen. So this seems the problem of Chicken of the VNC side.
Does someone has the same problem and has the work around?