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  • photosave

    photosave - 2005-06-24

    When working with CotVNC, is it normal for windows to take several seconds (2-6) to open and close?  Dragging items, opening apps., etc. are all very slow.  If this is normal, I'll get used to it.  If it's not, I'd like to know how I can speed things up.

    I have a static IP, port 5900 open and forwarded to the appropriate router IP, etc.  It's just slow.

    Any help is appreciated.


    • Elly

      Elly - 2005-06-24

      I made a new profile (from the Connection menu) + just changed color to 256 colors. You're then looking at the server in only 256 colors, but is a major speed up.

      If I have to see full color, when temporarily switching back to the default profile, I notice the speed as you describe.

      • photosave

        photosave - 2005-06-24

        Wow! Thank you.  For me, it seems that 256 and Thousands run about the same.  Very much of a speed boost though.

        Thank you!

        • Jason Harris

          Jason Harris - 2005-06-24

          VNC is a very "heavy" protocol, in both bandwidth and CPU utilization.  You can also play with your preferred encodings in your Chicken connection protocol.  They trade between CPU usage and bandwidth usage.

          • photosave

            photosave - 2005-06-24

            Is there somewhere that tells me what all those encodings do?  I have no idea what I need and don't need.

            Thanks, again,


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