Yet Another Thank You

  • rockit99

    rockit99 - 2005-11-09

    Since I discoverd Chicken my life has changed. No more headaches, no more racing against time and GATSO's. In fact I haven't had to deal with clients face-to-face either!

    Seriously, cotvnc has enabled me to sort clients servers without racing across town at some unearthly hour.

    One thing though, unless I'm being very thick, I can't rename the servers connections(Server 1, 2, 3 etc) which, as I'm now getting a bit of a list , would make life a bit easier than remembering who's IP address is what.
    Oh yes, one other. Sometimes when attempting connection I get the Spinning Pizza of Death and have to force quit. Is it possible to put in a Cancel button (I tried Command - period).

    Well done to everybody.

    • Gabriel Radic

      Gabriel Radic - 2005-11-10


      to rename a bookmark, just double click its name in the list. You're welcome :-)

      And +1 for a smarter timeout / cancelation.

      • rockit99

        rockit99 - 2005-11-10

        DOH!!!! I'm sure I tried that (really I did!). Maybe I didn't double click fast enough   :-(
        Works now though. Ta...


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