Scaled VNC windows?

  • D'Arcy Norman

    D'Arcy Norman - 2004-04-23

    I use Chicken exclusively on MacOSX, but my old crappy machine at home still runs 9, and the VNC client on that (the AT&T client) supports scaled windows. I didn't realize how useful that was until I came into work after using the AT&T client over the weekend, and kept trying to set the Chicken window to show at 25% (or 50%).

    Especially useful if you have multiple VNC connections open, or want to monitor the status of one throughout the day, without hogging huge amounts of screen real estate.

    Regardless, Chicken rocks! Very stable, and I use it to log in to both MacOSX and Windows servers just fine.

    Thanks for the excellent work!

    • jo

      jo - 2004-04-23

      I don't know or understand why "chicken" doesn't work for me. I am on OS10.3. and the remote machine is using OSXvnc and is running OS10.3.3. Both machines are using DSL.
      I just keep on timing out.

      Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


    • Gabriel Radic

      Gabriel Radic - 2004-08-06

      I would love this too. Apple Remote Desktop does it right, if you want to put 400$ or so in a VNC client.

      • Kurt Werle

        Kurt Werle - 2004-08-06

        Back when I was VNC'ing more, I intended to do this and more.  My big plan was to go to an OpenGL drawing model where you had a 'texture' - the displayed screen, and it was scaled to your surface - your drawing window.  Then in part 2 I intended to add a second surface closer to the user so as to make it zoomed in; or just make the projected surface not a single plane, but the surfaces of a tetrahedron or other complex (but easy to model mathematically) surface.
        It turned out that the drawing part was probably going to be the easy part, and that the event model was going to be tricky.  This is because the event code is a bit more spread out than the drawing code, which I think is a bad thing.

        Easy for me to say all this, though I don't intend to code it anytime soon :-(

    • kaeladan

      kaeladan - 2006-03-02


      I hacked about a little bit the Chicken source code last night and added basic scaling to it. If I tried to tidy it up a little, would you be interested in me submitting a patch, or whatever the process for contributing is?

      All it does just now is scale the framebuffer bitmap proportionally for the current window size and centres it. It scales mouse input too, obviously ;)

      Bear with me 'cos I'm new to contributing to SF projects, objective-c and the mac osx API, so I can't promise it'll be terribly pretty...


      • Jason Harris

        Jason Harris - 2006-03-02

        Sure.  I desperately want to move Chicken's image pipeline to Quartz, at which point we get display scaling "for free", but that's a big job, and your patch might fill the hole till that gets done.

    • kaeladan

      kaeladan - 2006-03-06

      Rats, my patch isn't as clever as I thought, it only works with the high colour buffer. I'll post it when I've tidied it a little anyway, and perhaps someone who knows what they are doing can point out my flaw ;)

      One thing that'd be nice to add to it would be a floating window, Aperture Loupe style, where the are around the cursor was displayed at 1:1 scale. It shouldn't be too hard to do.I just don't know how to control windows :)

    • kaeladan

      kaeladan - 2006-03-12


      I chucked the patch up in the patches area, ID 1448137. It's all a bit ugly and hacky, so I'm not sure how much use it'll actually be. The description with the patch describes a couple of the issues with it.

      It does actually work with all the colour depths, but cotvnc seems to crash when set to connect to the Apple Remote Desktop VNC server. I suspect this is because ARD isn't honouring the request for 256 colour output.



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