Tiny cursor

  • Greyhawk

    Greyhawk - 2007-04-17

    I have just started using COT and find it quite fast(most of the time). I notice that the cursor is VERY tiny, in fact it's just a dot and I tend to lose it. Can this be adjusted to say an arrow? So far I have no way to do this.



    • Mathias Dubois

      Mathias Dubois - 2007-08-31

      See under Tracker>Patches

    • Jeff Birac

      Jeff Birac - 2008-08-21

      I am using OSXvnc on an iMac G5 (PPC).

      Sometimes I get the remote machine's cursor (contextual: arrow, i-beam, finger, etc.) with the little dot cursor drawn on top of it. It seems that if you connect to a background display -- a user who is not currently using the remote multi-user machine) -- then the remote machine's cursor will be shown. But when I connect to the current user's display -- the remote user sitting in front of the remote machine -- the mouse cursor is only the little dot.

      This is not always immediately consistent. Sometimes the background user's cursor does not appear until I move the mouse into an OSXvnc window. I need to experiment a little more to figure this out.

      I know nothing about how COT works, but I have a feeling the mouse cursor is being transferred directly from the (remote) display's graphics (not as a UI event). But then again, this is not always consistent.

      Maybe it's a problem with the remote machine's VNC server (not COT), but I have absolutely no knowledge of the inner workings VNC servers.


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