Change cursor?

  • Jake

    Jake - 2006-11-13

    OK, love the program, but hate hate hate the small circle arrow cursor. Is there a way to change the cursor to be a normal arrow?


    • Lloyd Sargent

      Lloyd Sargent - 2006-11-14

      Yes. Here's how:

      Locate VNC. For example, mine is at: ~/MyApplications/Chicken of the VNC

      In finder do the following:

      1) Go to the menu bar and under the menu "Go" you will find "Go to folder". Click that.
      2) Type in ~/MyApplications/Chicken of the
      3) Viola you are now peering inside the guts of the VNC app
      4) Go to the Resources folder. In there you will find several "interesting" files:


      The cursors.plist indicates which file will be used for the cursors. You could stuff as many cursors as your mind could handle in this folder, then by changing the values in the cursors.plist, not only change the cursor, but the hot-spot (the point that is, well, the point on an arrow cursor).

      Also you need to make sure it has an alpha component or you will get an ugly block where you want there to be display.

      Have fun!


      P.S. This will GO AWAY if you change versions. Personally, I find it a pain in the butt to keep changing.


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