"Send Cursor Position Updates" extension?

  • Ashley Ward

    Ashley Ward - 2005-04-01

    Hi all...

    Thanks for Chicken -- I'm using it with OSXvnc to help support my Mum on her new Mac mini: she lives 100 miles away from my home, so this is a great help.

    However, when my Mum moves her mouse (on the server machine, running OSXvnc), I don't see any updates to the cursor in my Chicken remote display.  This makes things slightly difficult if she wants to point something out to me.

    After a bit of digging around and a helpful reply from the OSXvnc people, I've got a few solutions to this:

    a) use an app called "PinPoint" on the server to continually generate an additional mouse cursor image, as outlined at <http://clc.its.psu.edu/Labs/Mac/Help/software/VNC/ManualVNCdocs.aspx> -- but this isn't free software and using it would involve activating two pieces of software when my Mum would like support, which isn't ideal;

    b) possibly use the -rfbLocalBuffer argument to OSXvnc which apparently attempts to paint in the cursor but which is apparently "terribly slow and buggy" (say the OSXvnc people);

    c) use a client that supports the "Send Cursor Position Updates" RFB protocol extension that is implemented in OSXvnc.  I've tried Chicken, VNCDimension and VNCThing, but they don't seem to implement this.  TightVNC does, however, and it looks like I can use the Java version of this (although I haven't yet fully tried it)... but I'd prefer to use cotvnc if possible.

    Is there any chance of the "Send Cursor Position Updates" RFB protocol extension being implemented in Chicken, possibly along with "Send Cursor Shape" too?  It would make cotvnc a much better companion to OSXvnc.

    Best wishes,

    Ashley Ward.

    • Jason Harris

      Jason Harris - 2005-04-01

      Ashley, you should submit c) as a Chicken Request for Enhancement (RFE).  Doing that ensures that we don't forget about it.

      There have been a few requests for this, but it doesn't look like anyone has actually filed a feature request.

    • Ashley Ward

      Ashley Ward - 2005-04-03

      Hi Jason...

      Thanks for the quick reply.  I have created a RFE... I hope all the necessary information is there.

      BTW I tried the TightVNC Java client and unfortunately it doesn't implement the extensions, although the Windows version does :(  So it does appear that there are no VNC clients on OS X at present that implement these extensions.



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