#221 System Preferences cannot set CotVNC keyboard shortcuts.



CotVNC's keyboard-shortcut bindings for CotVNC's Menu-Bar are not honoured by CotVNC.

( I make the bindings in
Mac System Preferences -->Keyboard & Mouse )

I have two windows open with Titles
1: "Emacs", and
2. "UI", respectively

Correspondingly, I have created two shortcuts under the Mac Systems Preferences.app to select Menu-items "Emacs" and "UI" from CotVNC's Menu-Bar.

[and Menu-->Windows--> UI])

The attached screenshots show:
1. the CotVNC Menu-Bar + Windows, and
2. System Preferences Key-Bindings for CotVNC.


  • Livin Stephen Sharma

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    Originator: YES

    The second screenshot mentioned in the bug-description..
    File Added: System Preferences Key-Bindings for CotVNC.png

  • Jared McIntyre

    Jared McIntyre - 2007-08-17

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    Originator: NO

    Chicken maintains it's own keyboard shortcut system. This is because we must have different keyboard capabilities depending on the state of the program (whether connected to a server, etc). These can be set in Chicken's preferences.

  • Livin Stephen Sharma

    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Livin Stephen Sharma

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    Originator: YES

    > Chicken maintains it's own keyboard shortcut system.

    Thanks for this tip. I've set Cmd-1 and Cmd-2 to each of the two windows I use most.
    [ Kinda matches with what Terminal.app does :) ]

    However, I have a problem..

    I think there's still a bug hiding here:
    the bindings made from CotVNC prefs are not being saved *properly*.
    Please let me explain..

    I lose this custom-setting every time I quit and re-launch the app.
    Or even if I:
    1. launch the app.
    2. open the two connections I want (so that they are visible in the Window menu).
    3. assign shortcuts - say Cmd-1 and Cmd-2 to the two connections.
    4. the assigned shortcuts work great..
    [so far so good - with a minor caveat at step 2 that I'll explain later]
    5. close one connection (say the one for Cmd-1)
    6. reopen the closed connection.

    At this point, try to use the custom shortcuts. CotVNC **crashes** !!
    I've checked this out 3 times today.

    (Bumping up the priority for the crash)

    Related question:
    Are only settings that are "always visible" saved?
    My "windows" only show up in the "Window" menu when I have open connections to them;
    i.e. when CotVNC is just launched, the Window menu only has the usual Fullscreen-mode/Minimize/Refresh/Bring-all-to-front items.
    are only keyboard-settings for these items saved on quitting the app?

    Is there a way to get *my* menu items saved across sessions?

    The "caveat" i mentioned above:
    The preferences window only has knowledge of menu-items that ALREADY EXIST the first time that it (prefs window) is opened.
    To illustrate,
    1. launch one connection

    2a. open prefs window
    2b. look at the window-menu and the corresponding items for "Window" within the Prefs' Keyboard pane.
    2c. Connection 1 should be visible (obviously) under the Menu Bar's Window menu, and also
    2d should be visible/available-for-custom-shortcut under Prefs' Keyboard pane.

    3. Launch a second connection.
    repeat 2a,2b,2c. 2d will show up the problem/caveat - the second connection is not listed within Prefs' Keyboard-Customization options.

    Sorry about the long-winded comment - I discovered these issues while writing up a submission saying "everything works. Thanks.".


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