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I have keyboard mapping problem.

Both Macintoshes have french keyboard, and configured with it, and with french language as main language.
When using Chicken of the VNC, I have to immagine the US mapping on my french keyboard to enter text.

Maybe it's good for neurons, but not very convenient!!!

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  • jwq

    jwq - 2007-02-06

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    I have seen key mapping problems when connecting to laptops which have Japanese keyboards from machines with US keyboards (been meaning to report it for a while). The letter keys behave as expected, but the number keys 1-0 do not correspond to 1-0: some keys give numbers other than the key caps number meaning that one can never enter certain numbers. Similarly for the punctuation characters.

    This is a particularly nasty problem if your password contains numbers and/or punctuation characters, as passwords are never echoed.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Same problem her with german keyboard mapping.
    If cotvnc at least would use the english mapping - but the actual key mappings are rather arbitrary.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Same problem over here with Belgian AZERTY keyboard.
    I have to switch my keyboard settings to US QUERTY to be able to work comfortably. But then I have to use the shift key to get the numbers from the numeric keyboard.

    Very annoying. Is there a solution.

    MacIntel OSX 10.4.9, cotvnc v 2.0b4



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