#175 Cut and Paste With ":" in it mangles

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If I take a line of text from something like textedit
such as this:


Then I paste that in to a VNC window, it shows up as:


Notice how the last colon moves!


  • Jason Harris

    Jason Harris - 2006-01-20

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    Are you using Chicken 2.0b4? What are you connecting to? (Operating system
    and VNC Server name/version).

  • Peter Bagnall

    Peter Bagnall - 2006-04-14

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    There also seems to a bug (maybe related) where the text is turned into pure
    lower case. Any upper case characters appear as lower case!

  • Peter Bagnall

    Peter Bagnall - 2006-04-15

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    Yes, I'm using 2.0b4 running on Tiger, connecting to OSXVNC 1.61 running
    on Panther, over an ssh tunnel.

    I have another VNC client running on Windows, the RealVNC one, which works
    fine with this server.

  • Michael Abbott

    Michael Abbott - 2006-05-20

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    I see similar problems, but in my case : tends to get converted to ;

    This is most confusing when pasting URLs!

    I am running CotV 2.0b4 on OSX 10.3.9 connecting to OSXvnc 1.71 on OSX

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    I'm experiencing the same text mangling problems. In my case, it's to my company's product, which is an X session on a linux box running in VNC. If I do a cut and paste of the following text in COTVNC, it gets completely mangled. The same cut and paste in VNCthing on mac, or vncviewer on windows, there's no problems.

    change peering -area Company.OSPF/ -proto ospf -srcRtrID -destRtrID -sif -dif -metric 65 -bw 155000
    change peering -area Company.OSPF/ -proto ospf -srcRtrID -destRtrID -sif -dif -metric 65 -bw 155000

    Doesn't matter if I use BBedit to save it in Windows (CR-LF) format, Mac (CR) or unix (LF) format.

  • Brian Enigma

    Brian Enigma - 2007-02-10

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    Originator: NO

    I can confirm this bug. It looks like any character that requires the shift key to input gets pasted as the non-shifted key equivalent.

    * When pasting, uppercase is converted to lowercase and ':' is converted to ';'
    * In fact, any symbol that requires hitting [SHIFT] to input actually gets pasted as the unshifted keyboard equivalent

    * Chicken of the VNC 2.0b4
    * PPC-based PowerBook
    * OS X 10.4.8

    * OSXvnc v1.5
    * G5-based iMac
    * OS X 10.4.8

    Steps to reproduce:
    * In client, copy this text: http://example.com/MIXEDcaseURL/SpecialCharacters:!@#$%^&*()
    * Connect to server
    * Open TextEdit
    * Use client's Edit->Paste
    * See that the result is: http;//example.com/mixedcaseurl/specialcharacters;1234567890

  • Sean Kamath

    Sean Kamath - 2007-02-11

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    Originator: NO

    Indeed, I confirmed the steps below fail for the latest VINE server as well. They do *NOT* fail for Solaris RealVNC and RHEL4's RealVNC version. Is it possible this is actually a VINE/OSXvnc bug? Anyone seen this fail with a non-Redstone server?

  • Bob Harris

    Bob Harris - 2007-03-02

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    Originator: NO

    Me too.

    I just got burned when I copied a URL http:// and it turned into http;// and mailed it to my group. Of course no one could use the URL.

    In my case I copied a URL from Camino and used the CotVNC Edit->Paste menu to paste this URL into a Thunderbird new mail window running on my remote PowerMac.

    I've also tried copying a single : in iTerm then using CotVNC Edit->Paste it into an iTerm session on my remote PowerMac.

    It does not seem to matter what the local applications is, nor what the remote applications is. All that seems to be needed is to use CotVNC as the clipboard handler.

    Bob Harris


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