#91 Corrupted header file causes sig aborts

John Ralls

gripes/bugs #2286, from mbradley, 167 chars, Sat Jul 7 16:57:11 2001
Comment to 2285. Comment(s).


sig-abt when I moderate, join all, or join long_ or bulletin_. And it's
this system that truncated long_messages and bulletin_old, I didn't do it,
gripes/bugs #2300, from agmsmith, 850 chars, Sun Jul 8 08:46:08 2001

TITLE: Horrible Bugs! ALL broken, ORDER destructive

Something seems seriously wrong. When I tried "join telecomm/all", NLZ
drops my connection. I later managed to get it to join a particular topic
with "join telecomm/broadband". Then I tried to move telecomm into it's
proper alphabetical order place in my list of conferences, with "order
telecomm typography". A subsequent "show" command went into an infinite
loop, listing my conferences over and over again, with two telecomm's in
each cycle.

Additionally, SSH connections stay dead until a few minutes have passed
(you can't reconnect to NLZero.com). Well, there is a trick, after using
multitasking to tie up the dead SSH daemons with (failed) new connections,
I can get a new one which works. But anyone else not knowing the trick
will be unable to connect for a few minutes.

  • Alex
    gripes/bugs #2302, from agmsmith, 141 chars, Sun Jul 8 08:56:06 2001
    Comment to 2300. More refs to 2300.

OK, on further experimentation, it seems to be due to bad topics in telecomm,
in particular "bulletin_" and "long_" seem to be the culprits.



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