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CVS not updated until march

I can't access the CVS until March. I will post intermediate versions now and then but the CVS itself won't be updated.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2006-01-16

Trackers started

I started a series of trackers to... track our progress towards version 2.0.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2005-08-30

Ported to libdc2

The port is fully working except for the bus-reset part (==hotplug). Those who wish to test that will have to grab the CVS of the Version_2_0 branch of libdc1394 (available on SF) and the CVS of coriander too (main branch)

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2005-05-10

Ported to Gnome 2.0

The CVS now contains the Gnome2 port. Gnome 1.4 is not supported anymore.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2005-04-05

CVS fixed and usable again

That was fast...

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2004-12-14

CVS corrupted

The CVS contains a lot of bugs. Please don't use it at this time.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2004-12-12

First quick and dirty manual released

Just have a look at the download page...

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2003-12-30

Configure error in 0.99.5

The configure scripts do not report that libdc must be updated to its latest CVS. The scripts have been corrected in the CVS.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2003-11-21

Hotplugging support is there!

A first implementation of a bus-reset handler allows hotplugging in coriander. Coherency and services running are maintained through the process. Grab the CVS!

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2003-06-01

Coriander goes V4L

I added a new video4linux service that uses vloopback to export video to V4L applications.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2003-05-28

Reaching 1.0

The current CVS is probably the most stable version of coriander, consequently I plan to move to 1.0 soon. There are still significant bugs with Format7 segfaults: these will be solved as soon as I get a camera for lent, early June.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2003-05-07


On October 23, we have reached exactly 10.000 downloads! :-)
That means a lot of disapointed people, realizing uppon exec that Coriander is NOT for DV cameras... ;-)

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2002-10-23

New release: Coriander 0.26

There's been a lot of changes, both minor and major so it's a good time to synch all that.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2002-10-22

New release: Coriander 0.24

This release still requires a CVS version of libdc1394. I prefer to post it anyway to avoid receivong tons-o-emails about the display color problems.


Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2002-03-20

More color conversion bug corrected. Really.

There was still some problems with color conversion. Everything should be OK now, please update from CVS.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2002-02-08

Color conversion bug corrected

There was a bug in version 0.22 in the color conversion functions. It has been corrected in CVS (28/01/02)

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2002-02-03

Improved configure script available

I improved the configure script, which notably failed to detect SDL on some machines. Happy CVS update!

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2002-01-21

Coriander 0.21 is out, 0.22 on the way

Coriander is a GUI for IEEE-1394, IIDC-Compliant Digital Cameras. Control, save and stream video with one tool!

Just to keep the record of versions coherent, I thought I should send some news about 0.21 being released. ;-)


Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2002-01-08

New version 0.21 comming soon

Version 0.21 will be posted soon. It will be the last to use Xv and GDK explicitely: later versions will use SDL instead. This should not be a big deal since SDL includes Xv and GDK was not working in multithreaded programs anyway.
Changes towards version 0.22 are on CVS.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2001-12-29

Coriander 0.20 is out!

Hi all,

Lots of Xmas presents:
- debugging
- new layout
- SDL display

The SDL display will probably replace Xv in the future since SDL includes Xv support. GDK display still hangs Coriander.

Happy new year, etc... ;-)


Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2001-12-21

Real streaming is there!

Real streaming has been added to Coriander! Due to problems with RH7.2, I could not test it. Try it and tell me what you think! :-) Sources are available in the CVS.


Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2001-12-14

New layout in 0.19b

Please check the new 0.19b. It has a new layout, with less windows popping-everywhere-except-where-you-want-them.
Once you have decided which layout you prefer, go fill the survey and let us know about your opinion!

Note that 0.19 is based on latest CVS with just the GUI modified. The GUI changes are NOT in CVS (i.e. 0.19b is not committed to CVS).


Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2001-11-26

CVS update recommended

Hi all,

I strongly recommend you update to the lates CVS sources. Release 0.19 had some serious flaws concerning multicam support. Keep reporting bugs!


Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2001-11-12

Big Phat release: Coriander 0.19

A brand new release is out! Big changes: multithreading, image pipe, FTP fixed,...

Since 30% of the code has been changed, this version is a little bit beta. 4 days of work is not enough for very stable release...

BTW, I fixed my hard drive! Opened it in a clean room and removed a stupid air filter that blocked the head parking... So I'm back!


Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2001-11-06

New Release: Coriander 0.18

Coriander is a GUI for the total control of an IEEE-1394 Digital Camera complying with the IIDC Specifications (see\).

Big change from GTK threads to pthreads. More efficient, faster, no dead-locks with external trigger.

The same changes required for capture to disk/ftp will be done soon.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2001-10-30