Active Directory Authentication

  • EdZ

    EdZ - 2006-12-01

    I have installed the software and AD authentication does not work.  I can get in using the default credentials but not with any AD user.  Any suggestions?



    • Thierry Danard

      Thierry Danard - 2006-12-01

      There is an "error_log" table in the shared database that might contain helpful messages to troubleshoot this. If you use tomcat, you should see logs as well in your catalina.out file. There are plenty of configuration files to get right, make sure you follow the instructions in the INSTALL.html file. If it still doesn't work, let me know, I'll help.

    • EdZ

      EdZ - 2006-12-01

      I have followed the documentation.  I am not familiar enough with mysql to get at that shared DB.  Where is the catalina.out file located?


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