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CoRD 0.5.0 Released

CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Microsoft Windows computers using the RDP protocol. It's easy to use, fast, and free for anyone to use or modify.

After two years of development, the CoRD development team is very proud to announce CoRD 0.5. This update adds many new features, and is strongly recommended for all CoRD users on 10.5 or 10.6.

The full changelog for 0.5 follows.

New Features:
* Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 support (rdesktop core upgraded to 1.6.0)
* Disk and printer forwarding (Experimental. Disk works well usually, printer works in some cases)
* Ability to set default connection settings for new servers, Quick Connect connections, rdp:// URLs, and
* Ability to add custom screen resolutions from the Preferences window
* Searching for servers: search by label or hostname, similar to Spotlight (jump to search: Cmd-Opt-F, then hit enter to open connection, or up/down to change selection)
* Font Smoothing (ClearType)
* Ability to set HotKeys (Cmd-1-9) for saved sessions
* Keyboard shortcut to toggle between Unified and Windowed modes (Cmd-U)
* Keyboard shortcut for Quick Connect Box (Cmd-G)
* Shift-Return in Quick Connect now connects to a console/admin session
* 'Show in Finder' option in the server contextual menu
* Ability to keep server list sorted alphabetically
* Ability to select update feed (stable/beta/nightly)
* Initial support for IPv6 addresses
* Support for creating connections from the command line
* Full 10.5 and 10.6 support, Universal 32/64-bit binary
* Other enhancements... read more

Posted by Dorian 2009-07-29

0.5 Beta 2 Posted

CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Windows servers.

This release brings UI improvements and stability enhancements, as well as full support for Windows 7/2008, as well as Snow Leopard. Big thanks goes out to the CoRD development team for putting this together: we're getting closer to completion on 0.5.

Get it: read more

Posted by Dorian 2009-06-30

CoRD 0.5 Beta-1 Released

CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Windows servers.

It's been a long time in development, and all of the new features for 0.5 have been completed, and most of the known bugs have been worked out. This build is reasonably stable, but isn't recommended for all users.

The major features new features are disk and printer forwarding. Disk forwarding should work well all around, but if you have problems please submit a bug report. Likewise, printer forwarding is present but may not work perfectly (I've mainly seen problems with fonts being replaced)--please report problems you have with it.... read more

Posted by Dorian 2008-02-27

CoRD 0.4.3 Released

CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Windows servers.

This release further fixes Leopard compatibility, resolving an issue where the screen wouldn't update on Leopard. All users are recommended to update.

Thanks to Justin Santa Barbara for a patch.

Posted by Dorian 2007-12-01

CoRD 0.4.2 Released

CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Windows servers.

This release adds Leopard compatibility, fixing the drawing glitch seen by Leopard users. All users are recommended to update.

Posted by Dorian 2007-10-29

CoRD 0.4.1 Released

CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Windows servers.

This is a bug fix release addressing the biggest problems with the 0.4 release.

Bugs fixed:
- Clipboard redirection now works with XP and unicode characters
- Fix crash bug after disconnecting to the selected server with others open
- Saved server re-ordering (by dragging) works correctly
- New saved servers start with a valid color count... read more

Posted by Dorian 2007-05-17

CoRD 0.4 Released!

CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Microsoft Windows servers.

Version 0.4 is finally here, with tons of new features.

An abbreviated changelog (the entire list can be found on the new website, on the development page)
- New, more mac-like interface. Should be much smoother for regular use, and easier to use all around
- Windowed and full screen mode. You can now view each session in a different window or use a system similar to 0.3, with all sessions sharing one window (unified mode).
- Clipboard support: text can now be copied and pasted between active sessions and OS X
- Most keyboard layouts (and all keys on them) now work. When logging into a new session, Windows' keyboard mapping chosen is based on what keyboard input type you've chosen in Mac OS X's System Preferences.
- Windows Domain support and console session support
- Ability to resize connections bigger than your display instead of using scroll bars
- Help system... read more

Posted by Dorian 2007-05-14

0.4 Beta 1

All major features have been implemented for 0.4, and most major bugs have been worked out. Since Alpha 2, the following has been implemented:
- Clipboard support: text can now be copied and pasted between active sessions and OS X
- Save screen capture to file
- Quick connect: connect to a server by just typing the address into the toolbar and hitting enter
- Third mouse button recognized (usually middle-click)
- Command+key translation works better, with the Windows key getting stuck or inadvertently pressed less often
- Cancelation of pending connections
- Throttled mouse events, which should speed up sessions on very low bandwidth connections
- Basic help system
- Display won't flicker on fast connections
- Many bugs fixed... read more

Posted by Dorian 2007-05-07

0.4 Alpha 2

Development of CoRD is advancing steadily, and another preview of 0.4 is due. Since Alpha 1, the following has been completed:
- Redone interface which uses a drawer to keep track of saved servers and active sessions. This also allows for a user-customizable toolbar and overall gives the application a more Mac-like feel.
- Fixed almost all keymapping issues. Almost any US or European keyboard layout should work
- Fullscreen sessions
- Option to stretch sessions instead of using scrollbars
- Most big memory leaks have been fixed
- Third mouse button is now recognized
- 24-bit color ('Millions' of colors) now works
- Various performance improvements... read more

Posted by Dorian 2007-04-15

.4 Alpha 1

If you'd like to stay on the bleeding edge or would just like to see where development is at, you're welcomed to download the latest development binaries.

Since .3, the following features have been added:
Added since .3
- Keymapping: most Non-US keyboard should now work. Dead key composing is supported. The keymap chosen is based on what keyboard layout you've chosen in System Preferences. This also has the benefit that the windows key, number keys, function keys and various others work.
- Domain support
- Console session support (on W2003 servers only)
- Disk forwarding (submitted by read more

Posted by Dorian 2007-03-25

New release, 0.3

CoRD is a native Mac OS X client for Microsoft Remote Desktop. Version 0.3 has been released, and brings an extended interface with the ability to save servers.

Please submit any bugs on the bug tracker. The forums are also monitored, so feel free to ask questions there.

* Saving of servers, with passwords stored in keychain
* Interoperability with Microsoft's client (saving and opening of RDC files)
* Tab-style view of open connections, with optional thumbnail previews
* More screen resolutions to choose from
* A failed connection doesn't freeze up CoRD... read more

Posted by Dorian 2007-03-13

New developer

The originator of this project, xlnxminusx, has been forced to put this project on the back burner for an indeterminate period. So, to allow this project to continue and grow, I (arcadiclife) have begun working on the project. I hope to have a much more user friendly version out very soon. Check back in the next few weeks for a new release of CoRD!

Posted by Dorian 2007-03-03

New name CoRD. New release 0.2

I have just released the second release of Cocoa Remote Desktop, which has been renamed to CoRD. Major changes include sparkle integration, right mouse emulation, custom port connections, stored settings, error reporting, and more resolutions.

The next release should be available in a short while, and will focus on features from the planned 1.0 list.

Posted by xlnxminusx 2006-10-05

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