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CORBA::MICO 0.6.7 released

Some multithreaded problems solved, new MICO::Fixed, eliminates compiler complains.

Posted by Nikolay Logvinov 2009-04-13

CORBA::MICO 0.6.6 released

Several serious bugs fixed, see Changelog. Now it works with multithreaded MICO, but in singlethreaded mode. So, next steps will be to threaded CORBA:MICO.

Posted by Nikolay Logvinov 2004-10-05

CORBA::MICO 0.6.5 released

CORBA::MICO has been successfully ported to Win32 platform. Fixed serious bug with UserExeption marshalling.

Posted by Nikolay Logvinov 2002-12-15

CORBA::MICO 0.6.4 released

Ported to MICO v2.3.6, some bugs fixed. Missed core ORB functions have been implemented. Added several usefull usage examples. A lot of new functionality for CORBA Control Center.

Posted by Nikolay Logvinov 2001-10-22

CCC: new features, new screenshots

NameService explorer has been added. Some improvements to InterfaceRepository explorer. A lot of new screenshots.

Posted by Nikolay Logvinov 2001-10-17

new subproject CORBA Control Center started

CORBA Control Center (CCC) is a tool providing user interface for standard CORBA subsystems and services.
For current state and our plans look at:

Posted by Nikolay Logvinov 2001-10-10

CORBA::MICO 0.6.3 released

Proudly introduce CORBA Cotrol Center to provide user interface for standard CORBA subsystems and services.Only one part of CCC implemented: Interface repository browser.Some bugs fixed, hope to solve problems with Solaris installation.

Posted by Nikolay Logvinov 2001-09-07

CORBA::MICO 0.6.2 released

Add DynamicAny module. Serious bug with CORBA::Any extraction/insertion fixed, some minor bugs fixed. It's strongly recommended to upgrade.

Posted by Nikolay Logvinov 2001-04-12

mailing list

Mailing list '' has been created.
You can get info about using it by sending a message with just the word `help' as subject or in the body, to:

Posted by Nikolay Logvinov 2001-03-11

CORBA::MICO 0.6.1 released

Minor bugfixes

Posted by Nikolay Logvinov 2001-03-07

CORBA::MICO 0.6.0 released

CORBA::MICO returns.
This release is based on Perl 5.6.0 and MICO 2.3.5.
Also minor bugfixes.

Posted by Nikolay Logvinov 2001-02-26