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ConwayGo / News: Recent posts

ConwayGo 0.3.2 released: bug fixes

2004-12-23, Version 0.3.2
- documentation: explanation JGobang
- target "test" in buildfile
- start script for Windows is created
- fixes a multithreading bug that sometimes appears when starting
- increase default value for animation speed
- workaround for drawOval bug in Windows environments
- fix i18n bug for displaying information about invalid moves
- small GameEvent API change
- Error message error.move.jump_zero removed; is contained in error.move.empty
- setPiece renamed to addPiece
- first junit test case

Posted by mike 2004-12-23

ConwayGo 0.3.1 released: German language supported

- frame resizeable
- animation speed customizable
- several bug fixes and API changes

Posted by mike 2004-08-02

ConwayGo 0.3 released: Applet & I18n

- ConwayGoApplet: see conwaygo.sourceforge.net/applet.html
- I18n: support of other languages made possible
- several bugfixes

Posted by mike 2004-07-23

Version 0.2.3 released

A precompiled jar, ready for playing, is downloadable since version 0.2.2

Posted by mike 2004-07-12