Sean980 - 2008-08-07


I am trying to increase the 'maxlength' and 'size' attributes of the inputText in /templates/document/insertDir.jspx. I just need to have more than 255 characters which is originally assigned to it. Therefore I just modified the insertDir.jspx as following and hoped that it would let me insert more characters...
      <ice:inputText id="folderName" value="#{directoryForm.folderName}"
      maxlength="400" size="80" required="true" />
      <br />
     <ice:message for="folderName" />

That unfortunately didn't work. I even made that changes in the source code and built the project but it didn't help. Where am I going wrong?

In addition, I even doubt that original 255 characters works properly! I did several tests and noticed that the folder name cannot take 255 char. because when you hit the 'save' button it will not give you the message 'folder has been created'. with shorter number of characters it works fine.  

There is also another problem with folders. When I create a new folder and give it a name and then go to edit and change its name or add something to its name and save it then when I logout and log back in I see that the changes haven't been saved, namely instead of the new name of the folder the system gives me the old name before editing.

and finally, is it possible to have those pop-up anchors which display the full name of documents when you mouse-over them for folders too?

Could you please provide me with some feedback/solutions to above topics.

Thank you very much

P.S I am using v. 3.0.1