Browser Compatibility in v. 3.0.4

  • Sean980

    Sean980 - 2008-08-06


    The browser issue has been already discussed several times but it still remains unclear at least to me.
    I understood that the new version works best with IE7, well, I have been trying that on several systems (Windows, Mac, ...) and when it comes to document-upload or even opening a directory to view the subdirectories then I see that the buttons are displaced or half-displayed or in some cases even disappeared. What's strange is that for example it worked fine yesterday on some systems but today 
    the problem comes up again using the same systems as yesterday.
    The new version is an absolutely fantastic work and this problem with layout/design seems to be the only set back.
    I am seeking your advices.

    Many thanks

    • A. Gasparini - LOGICALDOC

      Hi Sean,

      Contineo 3.0.4 has been tested on FF 2.0 and IE 7.0.

      If you experience browser issues this may be releated to the time latency of your network
      (contents AJAX / HTTP are not moved fast enough), the configuration of security policies
      in IE 7.0 (Internet, Intranet etc. ...) or the presence of local Firewall that interfere with the transfer of AJAX contents (essentially HTTP POST of XML) or the settings of routers/firewalls on your network.

      Unfortunately, some problems due to Networking / systems are outside our control.
      The only thing we can advise is to test the system with FF 2.0 or FF 3.0 and if possible to refer your impressions.

      Best regards
           A. Gasparini

    • Sean980

      Sean980 - 2008-08-06

      Thank you for quick reply.
      I have already tested it with FF 2 and FF 3 but it hasn't been any better. We are having high speed connections and the Contineo application as a whole has a very fast performance. Problem occurs even when the firewall is completely turned off.
      Could you please detail the specification (where to, how to) on which I could configure the network for IE7 and FF2 to get the best of 3.0.4.

      Many many thanks for your support.


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