how to disable thefunctionf deleting and ZIP

  • fashion_Jack

    fashion_Jack - 2008-12-01

    LogicalDOC 3.6 is finally completed the installation, but we'd like to hidden (or disable) the function of deleting and ZIP in which the floder area, because we have some concerns for deleting whole folder or ZIP so large Data, it just can be process by admin right we thought,  could any one tell me how to modify it? Thanks very much.

    • A. Gasparini - LOGICALDOC

      Hi Jack,

      I posted a response on the forum of LogicalDOC.

      If you have additional questions about LogicalDOC considering to post on the forum of competence,  because I do not know if there will be someone to respond to requests on the dismissed contineo project.

      A. Gasparini


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