Help to Run in Tomcat

  • julius3419

    julius3419 - 2007-08-02


    I have a Java application which need to use this contact grabber. Therefore, it needs to b integrated into the Tomcat which run Java. I'm new to the PHP development environment. I have successfully set the PHP 5.2.3 following this url

    1. In the README.txt -> TODO, a statement "Need to have the script work on Windows installations of PHP". Does it means that i cant run it in the Window's Tomcat?

    2. As i'm new to the PHP, is the CURL is alrdy in the default PHP 5.2.3? Or i need to explicitly download it? If yes, where should i put the files in the Tomcat and also what to change to $CURL_PATH = "/usr/local/bin/curl" in config.php?

    3. In the config.php, $DIR_PATH = "/home/user/public_html/contactgrabber0.3"? What should i put if it's Windows Tomcat?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    - julius

    • julius3419

      julius3419 - 2007-08-03


      Ok. I managed to run it in Tomcat, tweaking the path in dir_path and remark the line ob_start();.
      Does it has any side effect by remaking ob_start()?




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