Launching Consonant Only Project

Initial brainstorm:

-have a small dialog that as the user types the consonant of words, the software will track down the closest match to the desired word.

-the closest match would be based on the amount of times the word is used (by the user or maybe extracted from some books)

-if the user type some vowels of the words along with the consonant, the software will use them to refine the search.

As a good engineer, I am very lazy and I hate having to type things on the computer when they are already concrete in my head. It takes a lot of time to take out of my head and put them on the computer (like writing text or chatting)
So i started wondering if there was a way to improve the typing efficiency. It struck me that the consonants of the words are somewhat their footprint and that they could be used to reduce the amount of keys typed. After all, we are already doing it in someway ("pls", "tnks", "k", "y" ...). So why not extend to the whole dictionary?

Posted by Vinicius G R 2011-04-07

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