#12 Using Run as causes window to be unusable small


I installed Console on my W7 x64 machine and it opened and ran fine. I created a new tab in settings and added the run as check box to run as my administrator level domain account. Whenever I launch this tab the window it automatically re sized to a very very small window (see attached screen shot).

I am able to open the program fine without this tab set to open at launch, but then once I open it manually the same thing happens.

Once it is in this small window it is impossible to drag it up to a larger size.


  • Tom

    Tom - 2011-08-09

    screen shot

  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2011-08-28
    • status: open --> pending
  • Kirill

    Kirill - 2011-08-28

    Tom, I presume you're running the official 147 version, downloaded from SF. Rightg?
    Do you know if you're running 32-bit Console or 64-bit Console? You can find it out by opening the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc).

    What is the Shell for that new tab? If it's not empty, try to leave it empty. I saw that behaviour when the bitness of shell does not match the bitness of Console.

    Do you want to try my unofficial build from http://kirill.ca ?

  • Tom

    Tom - 2011-09-06
    • status: pending --> closed
  • Tom

    Tom - 2011-09-06

    I am running the 147 x64 version.

    The Shell line and Startup dir are empty.

    I downloaded the unofficial build and it is working great. Thanks!


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