#6 Editor Parameters patch


Hi Marko,

I use the Windows version of GNU Emacs as my
preferred editor. One feature I like is I can use a
companion program (gnuclientw.exe) to send the file to
an already running Emacs instead of opening up another
instance of Emacs. To do this I need to pass command-
line parameters to gnuclientw.exe, but I see that's not
supported in Console yet.

I added support for doing this in Console and am
submitting the result as a patch.

I added an attribute "editor_params" to the root.
(I then set it to "-F -q +10" for my testing.)

I added default values of _T("") and modified the
EditConfigFile and ShowReadmeFile functions to build the
parameter string to be sent to ShellExecute by starting
with the editor_params value, append a space, and
append the file name.

Works fine for me.

I'm attaching my copies of console.h, console.cpp, and a
diff1.txt file that shows the differences between my
console.cpp and the b340 version, and a diff2.txt that
shows the diff for console.h.



  • Rob Davenport

    Rob Davenport - 2004-03-16

    Source code changes to add editor command-line parameter support.

  • Marko Bozikovic

    Marko Bozikovic - 2004-03-17

    Logged In: YES

    I'll add this to the next build, but I'll extend it with the
    idea you put in the comment (a placeholder for the filename)

  • Marko Bozikovic

    Marko Bozikovic - 2004-03-17
    • status: open --> closed

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