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Console 2.00 Beta, build 122

- [internal] reduced buffer size in
ReadConsoleOutput call in ConsoleHook; caused
errors with large windows

- [internal] attempted fix for '100% hang bug'

- [internal] a small mem_fn fix in
SharedMemoryLock class, thanks jachymko :-)

I tried to fix the startup hang bug. I'd like to ask people that reported this problem to take some time to test it. I didn't experience the problem with this build (I did get occasional hangups with earlier builds)

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2006-06-30

Console 2.00 Beta, build 121

- added 'pin to desktop' setting for Z-order (Windows Explorer only)

- number of page scroll rows is configurable (either entire page or N rows)

- toolbar improvements (nicer icons, more buttons)

- Console has setup now! (needs more testing)

- menu, toolbar, tabs and status bar visibility persistent (from View menu)

- trim tab titles option

- drag'n'drop files support

- added 'hide single tab' option... read more

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2006-06-26

Console 2.00 Beta, build 120

First Console 2 beta is here, with source code! Details on the forum.

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2006-05-03

Console 2.0 demo 016

Implemented support for shell's 'title' command.

More work on the settings dialog.

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2006-04-25

Console 2.0 demo 015

- added some copy/paste and mouse drag options. Check out the <behavior> tag in provided console.xml file.

- more main window options. Check out <window> tag attributes.

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2006-03-23

Console 2.0 demo 014

- new settings

- config file has changed, please use the one from the zip

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2006-03-08

Console 2.0 demo 013

The biggest change with this new demo is the settings dialog. You can change console, appearance and hotkey settings. No GUI for tabs, yet.

Added righ-click menu, and you can hide the main menu now.

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2006-02-26

Console 2.0 demo 012

<console> tag now supports two new attributes: 'shell' and 'init_dir'. Guess what they do :-)

Also, <tab> tags can now contain <console> tag with cusom shell and init_dir attributes (an example is commented out in console.xml file)

Added a hotkey command for renaming tabs (renametab). It's currently bound to CTRL+R. The command is also available from Edit menu.

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2006-01-28

Console 2.0 demo 010

- fixed resizing when multiple tabs are opened (got broken after adding scrollbars)

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2006-01-18

Console 2.0 demo 009

Implemented image backgrounds. Relative backgrounds don't work very good.

Implemented horizontal and vertical scrollbars. New attribute, 'buffer_columns', added to <console> tag.

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2006-01-17

Console 2.0 demo 008

Updated menu and toolbar. Paste works now. You can unhide Windows console window from View menu. This way you can check what happens in the console window if you suspect that something is wrong.

You can create different tabs from File->New tab menu (cursor style/color only at the moment). Toolbar button will create tab using the first style.

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2005-12-14

Console 2.0 demo 007

This demo adds select/copy support. Left-click and drag to select. Click inside the selection to copy, outside of it to clear.

This demo also includes a configuration for some options.

Windows console window is hidden, so if anything crashes, remember to kill your shell process :-)

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2005-12-09

Console 2.0 demo 006

This is the first tabbed demo. It also includes a simple cursor. Some things still don't work (e.g. maximizing window). You can create new tabs using File->New. Tabs can be reordered by dragging.

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2005-12-02

Console 2.0 demo 005

Now we have resizing that doesn't break! Toolbars and status bars, too!

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2005-11-04

Console 2.0 demo 004

Console resizing! News at 11! See the forum.

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2005-10-30

Console 2.0 demo 003

You know the drill. Details on the Forum.

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2005-10-25

Console 2.0 demo 002

Another demo is available. Read details in the forum.

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2005-10-23

Console 2.0 demo 001

I've uploaded the first 'technology' demo for Console 2. Read details in the forum.

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2005-10-20

Console 1.5

I've released the latest beta build, 351, as the final Console 1.5. As I have started working on v2, there will be no more updates and bugfixes to v1 branch. Feel free to report bugs, since I will try to keep them out of v2 :-)

For people upgrading from v1.42, please read the changelog, there have been some changes in configuration files.

Here are the changes:

- removed debug output from Release build (forgot
to do it sometime in the past)... read more

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2005-09-22

Console 1.5b350 beta

- if Console title is set to "", " - " is no longer
displayed at the beginning of the window title

- added a few more cursor types: "noblink block",
"pulse block", "rect", "noblink rect", "noblink line"

- copied text now has \r\n at the end of each row

- added <start_minimized> tag to <appearance>
tag; if set to true, Console will start minimized

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2005-03-04

Console 1.5b349 beta

It's been a while, I know... :)

- added <hide_console_timeout> tag to the
<appearance> tag; it contorls how long the
Win console window will be visible (but
minimized) during shell startup; some shells
(like 4NT) need Win console window visible
during initialization

- window position is not changed when
reloading settings

- you can set initial X or Y position to -1 to let the
system place the Console window at startup

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2004-09-06

Console 1.5b348 beta

Just a small update...

- improved startup time for tinted backgrounds

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2004-06-11

Console 1.5b347 beta

- a fix for failed transparency when using fake
transparency; only the color you set as the
background color will be treated as the
background color and painted transparently
(before, Console was trying to guess the
current background color, but that didn't work
reliably with some programs like vim that seem
to change background color while painting their

- tweaked background creation a bit

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2004-06-07

File cleanup

I've deleted some old devel builds. Each old devel version has the latest build. If you need older versions for some reason, mail me...

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2004-06-01

Console 1.5b346 beta

1.5x version will probably be the last one before I start working on a v2.0 (this will take some time)

With this version I hope to solve multimonitor bugs and maybe add hotkey support (I plan to have hotkey support in v2.0, so why not start working on it early :-)

Please note that some background image attributes have changed (some were removed), so read the readme file.

Here's the changelog for this build:... read more

Posted by Marko Bozikovic 2004-06-01

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