#99 Option to restrict to a single running instance

Assaph Mehr


Would really appreciate an option to allow only a
single instance - calling the exe again should bring
the existing instance to the front and/or open a new
tab in it.



  • Marko Bozikovic

    Marko Bozikovic - 2006-08-16
    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • Marko Bozikovic

    Marko Bozikovic - 2006-08-16

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    Good idea, I'll have to see how to implement it...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    +1, I like the option where new tab gets open

  • John Kearney

    John Kearney - 2006-10-18

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    Personally I would like to see some command line options.
    I'm thinking something like the old netscape options.
    ie specify either open new instance or open in current

  • joao eiras

    joao eiras - 2006-10-21

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    Use mutexes - easy :)
    The mutex value should be related to the directory from
    where Console is running (not working directory), so that
    one could have multiple instances of Console running, for
    testing and others.

  • Ian Goldby

    Ian Goldby - 2006-10-31

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    Please make it a command-line switch. I want to add a Registry entry
    for "Open Console Tab Here" on an Explorer Folder. I would like it to open
    a new tab in a currently running console.exe (doesn't matter which one)
    rather than opening a new console.exe.

    console.exe --new-tab -d %L

    would do the job nicely.

    On the other hand, I might still want to run more than one instance of
    console.exe, so don't just make it a hard mutex.

    What would be utterly brilliant (but probably quite hard to implement)
    would be drag and drop to move tabs between separate instances of

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This would be great! Currently I have a hotkey associated
    with Console, but it always open a new instance which makes
    it unusable.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Another related suggestion:

    Would it be possible to implement an 'adopt' command? What I mean is some function that allows you to select an ordinary cmd.exe instance and for it to disappear from the screen and taskbar and reappear as a tab in Console?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    +1. Currently opening from Total Commander, would like to see each call to executable just open a new tab, if console is already running. Great program- kudos.

  • Anonymous - 2011-09-06

    definitely a great feature to have - especially if its controlled from a command line flag


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