Text selection not working?

  • Danny

    Danny - 2010-07-23

    I just noticed I can't select text to copy anymore in the latest version 2. I check version 1.42 and it's working.

  • Just_another_user

    I can also confirm…

    Win7 64-bit Enterprise
    Console 2.00.146

  • Danny

    Danny - 2010-07-23

    Thanks. It's working with holding down Shift.

  • Samba Kolusu

    Samba Kolusu - 2010-08-21

    It would be good to allow selection by using mouse alone; additional use of shift is annoying.
    Further, support for selection using shift+left_arrow and/or shift+right_arrow keys would be very much needed.

    Simple conveniences like these or the lack there of would influece people to either chose or reject an application.

    Console is a very good application but I used to get very annoyed for not being able to copy the text; now there i a consolation that I can copy using shift+mouse; but still I would prefer selection sing mouse alone, as well shift+left_arrow and/or shift+right_arrow.

    Not only in this case but over all, Console diverges vastly from the common usability patterns like : Ctrl+insert for copy==> why not just use the more prevelant Ctrl+C? same goes with  Shift+insert  for paste ==> why not just use Ctrl+V that any windows user would be familiar with?

    I agree Shift+Insert is followed in Vi editor but we are talking about a windows application here….

    These small quirks frustrate the users a lot; it would be great if common convensions are honoured.

    Nevertheless, I do like Console application very much and want it to be bettered in usability and features alike.

  • Marko Bozikovic

    Marko Bozikovic - 2010-08-22

    Ok, guys… I don't mean to be rude, but have you even tried opening the settings? You can change mouse actions in Hotkeys->Mouse section.

    saasira, CTRL+Insert and SHIFT+Insert are standard copy and insert actions on Windows. CTRL+C and CTRL+V are also standard actions, but CTRL+C is often used to exit console applications, so CTRL+C/V pair is not used by default. You can also change that in the Hotkeys section.



  • Samba Kolusu

    Samba Kolusu - 2010-08-22

    Hey Marko,
    Thanks for poitning the Mouse Hotkeys; I did look at that but did not understand how to change it to my liking; however, I still could not get the selection working usign keys alone: viz: shift+left_arrow and/or shift+right_arrow; is there a way to achieve that?  It would be very convenient to select, copy and paste text all by using keys alone.

    I did not know that ctrl+insert and shift+insert  works for copy and paste in windows; so I apologise for my ignorant remarks about Console.

    By the way, I just noticed one minor quirk in pasting content: I could able to paste the content that was copied anywhere on the Console, not just at the point of focus- I'm not sure if it is any bug or not, but I don't see any of the ability to paste in the region of the Console that displays the results of commands that were previously execut ed.

    for example, I copied some text from notepad and came back to Console window, and did a shift+insert, the text was pasted in the first line of the Console's visible screeen, not at the current executing point. I think this needs to be corrected, however, not a major issue though.

    Please don't take me as some  one who is making unjust criticism; I'm a regular user of Console and would want it to be better in the coming releases.

    If I don't care about it, I would not spend time in writing this query or bug report or in what ever way you see it.

    So lets shake hands, dear friend! :)


  • Marko Bozikovic

    Marko Bozikovic - 2010-08-24


    No hard feelings :-) I overreacted a bit. I didn't think it was unjust criticism, I simply thought you didn't open the settings dialog. I also forgot that some of the Console users come from *nix background, are not familar with Windows standards and don't realize how braindead Windows console is compared to *nix TTYs :-)

    Pasting quirk you noticed is a bug that occurs when selection is not cleared on copy (that's on option) and I'm not sure how to fix it properly. When a user wants to copy something from Console, the hidden Windows console is put into 'copy' mode that places console cursor to top-left corner. This is done in order to prevent text scrolling while user selects text. 'Copy' mode is turned off once the selection is cleared. Obviously, if a selection is active when user performs paste, the text will get pasted in the wrong position. The simplest solution would probably be to disable paste while the selection is active.

    Keyboard text select has been requested and I do plan to implement it, but not in the near future.




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